The Insanity Defense

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by Woody Allen

This definitive collection of comedic essays from a guy who needs no introduction includes the classic bestsellers Getting Even, Without Feathers, and Side Effects. There isn't even an introduction to this book.

As he ponders the most basic of drives ("Why does man kill? "), Woody Allen displays various aspects of himself in The Insanity Defense. He murders for the sake of food. And not only for food: there must frequently be a beverage"); considers death ("I don't believe in an afterlife, but I am carrying a change of underpants"); and considers the impact of novelty chewing gum, the dribbling glass, and other novelties on history.  “The food went down the wrong pipe, and choking occurred. Grasping the mouse firmly by the tail, I snapped it like a small whip, and the morsel of cheese came loose. If we can transfer the procedure to humans, we may have something. Too early to tell.”  says one amazing story about the fruitless race to beat Dr. Heimlich to the punch. 

Fans of Woody Allen will like this hilarious collection, and those who don't love The Insanity Defense are just insane.

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Is Knowledge knowable? If not, how do we know?

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Is Knowledge knowable? If not, how do we know?

— Woody Allen, The Insanity Defense