Mastermind Dinners

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by Jayson Gaignard

This is a playbook designed for those who want to create and cultivate meaningful relationships.

The catalyst that has brought me the majority of my success over the past two years comes from hosting something I like to call 'Mastermind Dinners.' These dinners have taken me from being bankrupt on virtually every level of my life to personal and professional heights which include launching a #1 rated business podcast, spending a week with three-time best-selling author Tim Ferriss in Argentina, meeting up with skate legend Tony Hawk at his offices in California to sit in on his radio show, and now running one of the world's most exclusive events for entrepreneurs.

The speed by which I've turned my life around can easily be replicated and I've created this book to show you how. The key is the way in which you create and cultivate your relationships, and the concept of Mastermind Dinners is your vehicle."

My thoughts on Mastermind Dinners

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We live in a world where there are two currencies: money and time. That’s why they call it “paying” attention.

— Jayson Gaignard, Mastermind Dinners