The New Right

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by Michael Malice

What do Alex Jones, white nationalists, economic populists, techno-anarchists, and online trolls have in common? Nothing aside from a never-ending hate of evangelical progressivism and the purported "Cathedral" from whence it emanates.

Contrary to the deceptive explanations provided by the corporate press, neither did this movement suddenly appear, nor are any of its numerous subgroups comparable to one another. The members of the New Right are purposefully wary of anyone in the mainstream who would attempt to tell their story because they are as unified by their antagonism as they are divided by their ambitions. Fortunately, Michael Malice, author of The New Right, was there from the beginning and tells their story in detail.

Malice paints a convincing and objective picture of the New Right as a movement for ideas, ideas that he links to a startling variety of ideological sources. The New Right is a thorough first-person account of the ideas, figures, and timeline of this widely misunderstood sociopolitical phenomenon, covering everything from the heterodox right wing of the 1940s to the Buchanan/Rothbard alliance of 1992 and all the way up to what he personally witnessed in Charlottesville.

The fringe of today becomes mainstream tomorrow. The New Right is compulsory reading for all Americans, regardless of their political views, who want to understand more about the past, present, and future of our divided political culture. It is as fun as it is educational.

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— Michael Malice, The New Right