The Mommy Track Mysteries

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by Ayelet Waldman

Welcome back to the exasperating world of Juliet Applebaum, a public defender turned sleep-deprived stay-at-home mom--and "a unique, highly likable sleuth" (Judith Kelman).

When her infant son's beautiful young Chasidic babysitter vanishes, Juliet can't help wondering if the girl was fleeing something even scarier than her screaming, squalling charge. Like her upcoming arranged marriage, maybe? It's certainly possible. Or perhaps something much more sinister has occurred. Why else would her family be so reluctant to call in the police?

To find out the truth, Juliet, with her over-tired kids in tow, will have to travel from her havoc-filled home in Los Angeles to a Chasidic encalve in Brooklyn. In search of answers. In pursuit of justice. And in desperate need of a big, long nap.

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