The Minefield Girl

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by Sofia Ek

The Minefield Girl is based on Sofia Ek´s personal experiences as a young woman doing business in Libya, while Gaddafi was still running the country with an iron fist. Her mission was to present Libya to the Western world of big business via the pages of the Wall Street Journal's magazine SmartMoney. Sofia finds herself facing one setback after another as she tries to navigate Gaddafi's Libya, where nothing is what it appears to be. She discovers that she is being watched at every turn.

A love affair proves to be both thrilling and dangerous, as she realizes that the country's most powerful men have ways to control even people's personal lives. Consumed by her desire to succeed and to be part of something bigger than herself, Sofia finds herself deep into the corridors of power, unaware of the dangerous minefield she has walked into.

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— Sofia Ek, The Minefield Girl