The Hockey Handbook

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by Lloyd Percival

Because, "The Hockey Handbook" was the first comprehensive, technical book ever written about hockey. It is still regarded as the classic reference book for hockey players, coaches and spectators. Lloyd Percival wrote this book in 1950, after studying sports coaching under Knute Rockne, and in Prague and London. It was initially scoffed at (one NHL coach called it "the product of a three-year old mind"), but Percival was unusually prophetic. European and Soviet teams adopted this book as a textbook for their hockey development, and it contributed to Russian and Czech teams dominating world hockey championships for a generation.

The principles described in the original book are still valid, and Percival was so well versed in sports training that many sections needed only little alteration. Still, in this updated edition, Wayne Major and Robert Thom, along with other experts in hockey coaching, provide the most current information on techniques of play, conditioning, nutrition and power skating. This book is now a must for coaches for all age groups, players who want to improve, parents of young players and every fan who wants to learn more about the game of hockey.

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— Lloyd Percival, The Hockey Handbook