Food and the City

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by Ina Yalof

An unique behind-the-scenes look at New York City's vibrant culinary culture, as described by the chefs, line cooks, restaurateurs, waiters, and street sellers who have dedicated their careers to the profession.

Ina Yalof takes us on an insider's tour inside New York's pulsing culinary scene with the men and women who call it home in Food and the City. Dominique Ansel expresses his gratitude for the amazing fortune that led him to create the first Cronut. Woody Allen's mother would only allow Lenny Berk to slice her lox at Zabar's, as related by Lenny Berk. Ghaya Oliveira, a young Tunisian stockbroker who arrived to New York as a dishwasher, talks about her difficult but quick rise from dishwashing to executive pastry chef at Daniel. Eddie Schoenfeld, the indisputably Chinese food maven of New York, recounts his journey from Nice Jewish Boy from Brooklyn to New York's Indisputable Chinese Food Maven.

Food and the City is a fascinating oral history with an unforgettable gallery of New Yorkers who embody the heart and soul of a culinary metropolis, from old-schoolers like David Fox, third-generation owner of Fox's U-bet syrup, and the outspoken Upper West Side butcher "Schatzie" to new-kids-on-the-block like Patrick Collins, sous chef at The Dutch, and Brooklyn artisan Lauren Clark of Sucre Mort Pralines.

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