Chuang Tsu

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by Chuang Tsu

Chuang Tsu/ Inner Chapters is a companion volume to Gia-fu Feng and Jane English's translation of Tao Te Ching, which has enjoyed great success since its publication in 1972, and is having a 25th anniversary edition published in 1997.Very little is known about Chuang Tsu and that little is inextricably woven into legend. While the other philosophers were busying themselves with the practical matters of government and rules of conduct, Chuang Tsu transcended the whang cheng, the illusory dust of the world- thus anticipating Zen Buddhism's emphasis on a state of emptiness or ego transcendence. With humor, imagery and fantasy, he captures the depth of Chinese thinking.

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— Chuang Tsu, Chuang Tsu