A Second Chance

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by Catherine Hoke

What if you were only known for the worst thing you've ever done?

A Second Chance is about new starts, forgiveness, shame, and the power of possibility.

Don't you deserve a second chance? Don't we all?

Catherine Hoke founded Defy Ventures, a revolutionary organization that transforms the lives of people with criminal histories. It heals families, strengthens communities, creates jobs, and incubates small businesses. But mostly, Defy helps us find our humanity, regardless of whether we've been to prison or not.

This is the book that everyone is talking about, and for good reason. You might have heard Cat talking with Tim Ferriss on his podcast, or read about her work on Seth Godin's blog.

"This is the bravest book I've read in years." - Bill Hybels, Willow Creek

By sharing her personal story of a second chance, and then introducing us to the people she serves, Cat takes us on a life-changing journey. She helps us understand the methods that are used by the Defy team and how they persevere in the face of daunting odds. A Second Chance is a book about the change that Defy creates, yes, but also about changing your own life.

"This inspiring book shows how it's possible for people who have been cast aside in society to turn their lives around and start giving back to that society." - Adam Grant, bestselling author

A Second Chance is about one woman's vision and her relentless effort to make it real but it's also about building a community that makes a difference. Defy is based on a unique inside/outside partnership. It only works because of the generous work of everyone in Defy's volunteer community, and this book teaches us what it means to lead from within.

"I've never seen anything like Defy, and I've been in corrections for 31 years." - Warden Ducart, Pelican Bay State Prison

"If you care about our society, you have to read this book." - Joe Moglia, Chairman, TD Ameritrade

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— Catherine Hoke, A Second Chance