War For Eternity

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by Benjamin Teitelbaum

Steve Bannon was dubbed "the most dangerous political operative in America" by Bloomberg News in 2015. He has gained enormous authority since then, and not just in the United States. Award-winning extreme right scholar Benjamin Teitelbaum brings readers behind-the-scenes of Bannon's global assault against modernity in this ground-breaking and urgent analysis.

Bannon and a small group of right-wing power brokers are preparing new political mobilizations on a global scale, which are being discussed and debated in secret meetings Bannon has arranged in hotel suites and private apartments in DC, Europe, and South America. These meetings are inspired by a radical twentieth-century ideology known as Traditionalism. Their aim is to overthrow the existing world order and restructure geopolitics around outdated ideas of democracy, freedom, social advancement, and human rights. Their tireless efforts are already bearing fruit, from the strengthening of international borders and the targeting of immigration to the destabilisation of the governments of the European Union and the United States and the growth of Russian influence.

Teitelbaum reveals the radical right's significant influence on the world and their radical outlook on the future by drawing on exclusive interviews with Bannon's hidden network of far-right thinkers, years of academic research into the radical right, and with never-before-obtained access to the occult salons where they congregate.

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