Twenty Bits I Learned

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by Dan Cederholm

From the author, Dan Cederhol:

"After retiring from co-founding, Dribbble, I reflected on 20 things I'd learned over the course of a decade designing and creating a community for creative folks. Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community is fun little hardcover book that collects those thoughts along with some arguably-artistic doodles.

I like to think about this book as a "mini-memoir with mid-century aesthetics". Bring a copy on your next flight and gain some insights from a designer-turned-accidental-entrepreneur and the important lessons learned along the way. Easily digestible takeaways for designers, community builders, and creative business leaders."

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Not knowing what you're doing is okay.

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Not knowing what you're doing is okay.

— Dan Cederholm, Twenty Bits I Learned