The Writing Class

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by Jincy Willett

Amy Gallup is gifted, maybe to the point of being overly gifted for her own benefit. She peaked early, at the age of twenty-two, and earned critical but not financial success. Her prior life, as well as her literary profession and loving spouse, are no longer with her. Her solitary company is a dour, flatulent basset dog that barely tolerates her, and her daily chant is Kill Me Now. She is now a loner who is frightened of being alone. The writing class she teaches at the university extension is the single bright point in her week.

The typical suspects are present in this semester's class: the doctor who aspires to be the next Robin Cook, the excessively enthusiastic repeat student, the slacker, the modest student with a hidden gift, the joker, the know-it-all... Amy had seen every single one of them before. But there's something off about this class, and the signs start with a threatening phone call in the middle of the night and vulgar threats instead of peer reviews on student writing tasks. Amy quickly discovers that one of her classmates is a sick dog, and when a classmate is murdered, everyone in the room becomes a suspect.

The Writing Class is a one-of-a-kind novel that rivals Jincy Willett's prior masterpieces. Suspenseful, incredibly clever, wonderfully written, surprisingly humorous, and a delight from start to finish, The Writing Class is a one-of-a-kind story that matches Jincy Willett's past masterpieces.

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Nothing was truly unbearable if you had something to read.

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Nothing was truly unbearable if you had something to read.

— Jincy Willett, The Writing Class