The Tom Peters Seminar

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by Tom Peters

Tom Peters has for twelve years been telling business that the rules have changed. Now he goes farther in The Tom Peters Seminar, the first in an exciting new series of original paperback books aimed at helping everyone - Fortune 500 chairmen, middle managers trying to hold on to their place on the ladder (a mistake!), and hotel housekeepers - thrive in the brave new world of business. He presents the provocative and sometimes scary analysis and advice that have led thousands from all over the globe to spend up to $1,500 a day to attend his trademark seminars.

These bold ideas vault business people beyond reengineering, beyond total quality management, beyond empowerment, even beyond change - toward reinvention and revolution. The result, organized around nine such "beyonds, " is a timely, graphically exciting volume, loaded with "how tos." In presenting a radical new view of how business can work, Peters offers the following challenge: "If you're not irate in the first thirty minutes of reading, if you don't throw this book down at least once in the first hour, and if you don't reach for the Maalox by the two-hour mark, then I and this book will have utterly failed you."

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