The Power of Fifty Bits

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by Bob Nease

The first "how to" handbook that shows you how to help consumers, employees, coworkers, and clients make better decisions to get what they genuinely want. Only fifty bits of the ten million bits of information our brains absorb each second are dedicated to conscious thought. We often pick without thinking, going against our own interests—what we genuinely want—because our brains are programmed to be inattentive. Bob Nease is an expert on applying behavioral sciences to health care as the former Chief Scientist of Express Scripts, a Fortune 25 healthcare firm dedicated to making the use of prescription medications safer and more cheap. Now, he shares his knowledge with the rest of the world, offering vital practical solutions that marketers, human resources experts, instructors, and even parents can utilize to alter the behavior of others and achieve the desired outcomes.

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— Bob Nease, The Power of Fifty Bits