The Inner Gym

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by Light Watkins

One of the biggest myths in our society is that you can simply choose to be happy whenever you want, even in spite of challenging circumstances. Or, that happiness is a byproduct of making more money, falling in love, or being successful. But modern research says this is an illusion. Happiness is not sustained through achievements. Rather, it is the result of having strong “inner” muscles.

The Inner Gym is to inner strength what the outer gym is to physical strength—it is a means for strengthening the inner muscles that are responsible for solidifying true happiness, from the inside out. With brawny inner muscles, you will be able to tap into your happiness, no matter the circumstances. With weak inner muscles, you can have it all and still be unhappy. The stability of your happiness depends on much you work out in The Inner Gym.

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— Light Watkins, The Inner Gym