The Ego Trick

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by Julian Baggini

Do you remember who you were fifteen, ten, or five years ago? 15 minutes, ten minutes, or five minutes ago? Can you plan for your retirement if you'll be a different person thirty years from now? What and who are your true selves? Is it something that stays the same through time and space, or is it much more fractured and fluid? Is it something you're aware of, or are you as much a mystery to yourself as others? Julian Baggini sets out to answer these basic and disquieting issues with his trademark humor, captivating curiosity, and bracing skepticism. His fascinating quest draws on philosophy's history, as well as anthropology, sociology, psychology, and neurology; he interviews theologians, priests, and allegedly reincarnated Lamas, as well as real-life cases of memory loss, personality disorders, and personal transformation; and he describes his own experiences candidly and engagingly. You will never look at yourself the same way after reading "The Ego Trick."

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— Julian Baggini, The Ego Trick