Myths and Facts

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by Mitchell G. Bard

In the last sixty years, Israel has faced seven different wars. During that time, the country has been under immense scrutiny and been the recipient of false accusations. This leaves the public with many questions: Does Israel want peace with the Arab nations? How do Islamic views affect Israel?

Using a number of sources, Mitchell G. Bard uncovers Israel’s true history. His book includes the following:

  • A discussion of various wars involving Israel (including the war of 1948)
  • Multiple maps that help the reader visualize the wars
  • An analysis of terrorism directed at Israel
  • An alphabetical index
  • A discussion of the media’s role in how it portrays Israel
  • A review of successful and unsuccessful peace efforts
  • An overview of US-Israel relations

Bard also offers a synopsis of Israel’s roots, beginning with the great myth: that the Jews have no claim to their own land. Bard focuses on Israel’s relationships with neighboring countries, but he also includes suggested readings for those interested in further research. You’ll learn about the Jewish Virtual Library, an online source that’s constantly updated and offers reliable options for study.

Dive into this versatile read as Bard investigates common myths about Israel and reveals the truth.

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