Man of War

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by Sean Parnell

With this electrifying military thriller, the New York Times bestselling author of Outlaw Platoon makes his fiction debut—a gripping tale of action, suspense, and international intrigue that introduces a compelling new hero, Eric Steele.

Eric Steele is the finest of the best—an Alpha—an elite covert spy assigned to the "Program," a US intelligence agency. Steele, a highly trained Special Forces veteran who did many deployments in Afghanistan battling radical Islamic extremists, now works under the radar, utilising a lethal combination of intelligence and sheer force to track down and eliminate his foes.

Steele and his White House superiors are caught off guard when a guy from Steele's past assaults a military convoy and takes a nuclear weapon. Steele must move from Washington, DC, through the Middle East, Europe, and Africa to track down this renegade agent, a former brother-in-arms who may have been a friend, and locate the WMD before it reaches the United States—and the world is permanently transformed.

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