Juicy and Delicious

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by Lucy Alibar

The Play That Inspired the Movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Juicy and Delicious is an epic chronicle of one boy's journey to self-discovery. Hushpuppy is a motherless child in the rural South who lives with his Daddy. But when Daddy gets sick, the universe starts to fall apart. Ancient beasts rerun from their graves, things fall from the sky, and ghosts live among the living. Hushpuppy is faced with being an orphan, and the end of the known world. Daddy and the brilliant, wild teacher, Miss Bathsheba, work to prepare Hushpuppy and his schoolmates for a life without grownups, a world where they must take care of each other. Tender, funny, and heartbreaking, Juicy and Delicious weaves a beautiful tale of loss, survival, and self-discovery.

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— Lucy Alibar, Juicy and Delicious