​Camp Confidential

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by Melissa J. Morgan

Summer camp means lots of things: new friends, roommates, bug bites, bathroom duty...But it's also a chance to be on your own and to reinvent yourself. A shy girl can become the belle of the ball, and a jock might find new competition. Natalie, Jenna, Grace, and Alex have all found themselves at Camp Lakeview for different reasons. And each is keeping a secret. But if everyone is hiding something, how will they ever become friends?

Natalie Goode is a city girl-way more interested in fresh sushi than fresh air. So she's bummed when her mother ships her off to "Camp Lake-puke" to broaden her horizons. But before long, Natalie notices there are some pretty cool girls are camp (and even some cute boys, too). If she can loosen up, she might even enjoy herself-unless the secret she's been keeping gets in her way...

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On Wednesday morning, Natalie woke with enough time to shower. She had somehow figured out how to drag herself out of her bed even amidst the morning chill so that she could get herself together before flag-raising. Maybe it was a survival instinct. After all, this was the wilderness, wasn’t it?

— Melissa J. Morgan, ​Camp Confidential