June 2022

Bill Gates 2022 Summer Reading List

— Five great books for summer recommended by Bill Gates.
Bill Gates 2022 Summer Reading List

It's that time of the year again when Bill Gates puts out a new reading list! This summer's list is full of interesting reads. Feel free to send us an email with any comments or ideas for new blogs. Thanks for checking us out!

My favourite quote from The Power

One of them says, 'Why did they do it?' And the other answers, 'Because they could.' That is the only answer there ever is.

My favourite quote from Why We're Polarized

The fact that voters ultimately treated Trump as if he were just another Republican speaks to the enormous weight party polarization now exerts on our politics—a weight so heavy that it can take an election as bizarre as 2016 and jam the result into the same grooves as Romney’s contest with Obama or Bush’s race against Kerry. We are so locked into our political identities that there is virtually no candidate, no information, no condition, that can force us to change our minds. We will justify almost anything or anyone so long as it helps our side, and the result is a politics devoid of guardrails, standards, persuasion, or accountability.

My favourite quote from The Lincoln Highway

For kindness begins where necessity ends.

My favourite quote from The Ministry for the Future

So, is there energy enough for all? Yes. Is there food enough for all? Yes. Is there housing enough for all? There could be, there is no real problem there. Same for clothing. Is there health care enough for all? Not yet, but there could be; it’s a matter of training people and making small technological objects, there is no planetary constraint on that one. Same with education. So all the necessities for a good life are abundant enough that everyone alive could have them. Food, water, shelter, clothing, health care, education

My favourite quote from How the World Really Works

In two centuries, the human labor to produce a kilogram of American wheat was reduced from 10 minutes to less than two seconds.
People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.