The Polarized Presidency of George W. Bush

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by George C. Edwards III

The diplomatic and domestic policies of President George W. Bush's administration are examined in this collection. The examination begins with a description of how polarized this president has proven to be in terms of public opinion and voting trends. The use of unilateral executive authority and prerogative powers are discussed next. Because the Bush administration's policy choices have had such a profound impact on both home and foreign policy, three writers discuss the decision-making processes, particularly in relation to the Iraq war. In chapters on public opinion and war, the promotional presidency, organizing legislative support for war, and the White House communications infrastructure, the author examines how the administration governs through a repeating campaigning process.

Finally, chapters on the administration's "executive style" and the inability to alter social security examine how the Bush White House interacts with Congress and the process of forming congressional coalitions to pass legislation. It will be required reading for everyone interested in comprehending one of the most divisive administrations in recent memory.

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— George C. Edwards III, The Polarized Presidency of George W. Bush