The Knock at the Door

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by Ryan Manion, Heather Kelly & Amy Looney

Three Gold Star ladies describe their incredible, unexpected journey, which began on the darkest day of their lives.

What happens if tragedy comes knocking on your door?

It was a genuine knock for us, with two guys in crisply ironed uniforms standing there. They had some good news. The death of our loved ones in battle zones, including a brother and two spouses, shocked us to our core. The issue about those times is that they're virtually unthinkable to occur to you. Until they do, that is.

Anyone who has ever had a knock at the door will like this novel. You will love people if you live long enough and have the guts to do so. Perhaps you've been given a cancer diagnosis. Maybe it's because your best buddy died. A spouse's betrayal is a form of treachery. The death of a kid is a tragic event. A professional career's downfall. Alternatively, any catastrophe that removes the person we care about the most from us much too soon. Life isn't without its difficulties. It's all about how you respond.

This is the narrative of our lives. The story of three ladies who are linked by tragedy and a sense of purpose. Grief over the loss of our dearest friends in the war. We decided — collectively — to do something about it, which gave us purpose. To channel our love for the men in our life into love for others via service, and to convert our loss into motivation for others. It was the only way we could break free from the cycle of despair and inaction, and we believe it can help everyone who has ever had a knock at the door.

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— Ryan Manion, Heather Kelly & Amy Looney, The Knock at the Door