The Glory of the Trenches

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by Coningsby Dawson

Coningsby Dawson (1883-1959) was an Anglo-American author, born at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. He graduated at Merton College, Oxford, in 1905 and in the same year went to America, where he did special work for English newspapers on Canadian subjects, travelling widely during the period. He lived at Taunton, Massachusetts, from 1906 to 1910, when he became literary adviser to the George H. Doran Publishing Company.

In 1919, he went to England to study European reconstruction problems, and subsequently lectured on the subject of the United States. He also visited and reported on the devastated regions of Central and Eastern Europe at the request of Herbert Hoover. He also edited, with his father W. J. Dawson, The Reader's Library, and Best Short Stories (1923). His other works include The Worker and Other Poems (1906), The House of Weeping Women (1908), Murder Point (1910), Carry On (1917), The Glory of the Trenches (1918), Out to Win (1918), The Test of Scarlet (1919), The Little House (1920), It Might Have Happened to You (1921), and Christmas Outside Eden (1922).

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