A New World Begins

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by Jeremy Popkin

Even though they are more contentious than ever now, the ideals of the French Revolution continue to be the sole foundation for a just society. Jeremy D. Popkin provides a gripping narrative of the revolution in A New World Begins that immerses the reader in the arguments and the bloodshed that resulted in the overthrow of the monarchy and the creation of a new civilization.

We get to know Mirabeau, Robespierre, and Danton in all of their brilliance and vengeance; we see Louis XVI's attempted escape and execution; we see black slaves gaining freedom from white revolutionaries who were reluctant to act on their own principles; and we watch as Napoleon emerges from the Reign of Terror's ashes.

A New World Begins will be regarded as the authoritative analysis of the French Revolution, drawing on decades of scholarly research.

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— Jeremy Popkin, A New World Begins